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Distanced Couple

Considering Separation or Divorce? 

We help clients review their current estate plan or lack thereof during a period of separation. We put a plan in place that works temporarily during this transition period and then update the plan at the appropriate legal stage of the divorce. 

    What Happens if You Fail to Consider Your Estate Plan During Your Separation or Divorce?

    It depends on whether you currently have a plan in place or not. If you have an estate plan, then you most likely need updates that will prevent your ex-spouse from inheriting your assets and/or having any powers to make decisions for you. If you do not, then the laws of intestate succession apply if you die, and your ex-spouse will inherit from you prior to the divorce being finalized. 


    If you have minor children, you need more than just a will that names a guardian. You need a comprehensive Kids Protection Plan.  This plan involves more than who you choose to raise your child when the parents are no longer able, it also involves who will manage the money appropriately until your child is old enough (and mature enough) to take over his or her own finances. 

    Our Process

    Start by scheduling a 15-minute phone call. We understand your situation and will make every effort to help you through this difficult time. Learn how your estate plan is impacted by separation and divorce. We can help provide you the answers to these legal questions. Peace of mind comes with proper planning.

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