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Protect Your Children!

Keep your child’s future in your hands.

Having a will or naming godparents is simply not enough to keep the court system from making decisions about your children’s care in the event of your incapacity or death. (Surprising, we know.)

Don't let a judge, who doesn't know you or what matters to you, decide who raises your children or handles the money you’ll leave behind.

As Parents Ourselves, We Understand the Importance of These Legal Documents

We do not want financial constraints to stand between any parent and this process of protecting your child. That's why we offer a do-it-yourself approach completely free of charge. We welcome you to email us with any questions. 

Get Started

It’s FREE, It’s Easy, Now There Are No Excuses!

  • FREE Basic

    Name Guardians for Your Minors
    Free Plan
    • Stand-Alone Nomination of Guardian
    • Applies to BOTH Death and Incapacity
    • Instructions to Provide to Named Guardians
  • Enhanced

    Name Guardians for Your Minors
    • Everything Included in the Free Basic, plus:
    • Name Temporary (or Stand-By) Guardians
    • Medical Power of Attorney
    • Letters to Fiduciaries
    • Wallet Cards
    • Instructions to Your Named Guardians
    • How to Provide Funds for Guardians to Raise Your Kids
    • Life & Legacy Planning Session ($750 value)
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