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Guardian Idol: Rocking the Search for Your Kid's VIPs (Very Important Protectors)

🎤 Title: Guardian Idol - Rocking the Search for Your Kid's VIPs (Very Important Protectors)


📆 Date: At your convenience


🕒 Time: On-Demand


📍 Location: Online - From the Comfort of Your Home


A Must for Every Mom & Dad!

What to Expect:

We'll guide you through a 4-step process to selecting guardians, revealing 9 common mistakes parents make when naming guardians, and uncovering 7 must-dos to ensure your kids' future is in the right hands.



✓ How to designate temporary guardians to prevent your child from ending up in Child Protective Services.

✓ How to choose the best long-term guardians for your child if something happens to you.

✓ How to give your guardians permission to seek medical care for your child.

✓ How to provide financially for your child should something happen to you and ensure the assets are used only for your child's benefit.


🎙️ Interactive Discussions: Email or live chat anytime with questions.

🎭 Guardian Idol Search: Scout for the perfect caretakers by listing out all your options.

💡 Expert Insights: Gain practical tips on what truly matters when choosing guardians.

📜 Mistakes to Avoid: Uncover 9 common pitfalls parents often encounter when naming guardians and learn how to steer clear of them.

✅ Must-Dos: Explore the 7 essential actions you must take when naming guardians to ensure your children's well-being.

🗺️ 4-Step Process: Walk through a step-by-step guide to confidently select the guardians who will become your child's VIPs (Very Important Protectors).

🎁 Bonus: Participants receive a Golden Ticket ($1000 value towards estate planning)

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