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Before Hiring an Estate Planning Lawyer
Understand The Difference

We Will Listen

Snider Edwards, PLLC is right for you if you want to know that your plan will actually work when you and your loved ones need it most. If all you want is a set of legal documents, there are plenty of online resources you can use to create them. Even though you may pay less up front to get a standard set of documents (or even documents that are customized for your family), things could end up much more expensive in the long run. Plus, you leave your family at risk of having to deal with an expensive, unnecessary court process during a time of tremendous grief.

If what you want is to know you’ve got a plan in place that will work when your family needs it, and keep the people you love out of court and out of conflict, and your assets out of the hands of the government, then we might be the right fit for you.

Here are Some of the Ways We Will Take Care Of You: 

            All of our estate planning fees are fixed fees agreed to in advance, so there are no surprises. At our initial meeting you will choose the level of planning and fee that works best for your family, your assets and your budget.

o            We keep you informed and make sure your plan works.   We do not prepare a set of legal documents for you and send you on your way.  We  make sure your assets are owned in the right way, we make sure your kids’ well-being is properly planned for, we ensure everyone you’ve named in your plan knows what to do if anything happens to you. And, we help ensure that none of your assets become part of the $58 billion of unclaimed assets across the United States.

          We will review your plan at least every 3 years and annually through the Family Wealth VIP Membership program. We foster a lifetime, ongoing relationship with our clients.  Throughout your life, things change.  You change, your assets change, your family changes, the law will definitely change. When planning with us, your plan will keep up with those changes. 

          We have a process for helping you make sure that your assets are titled in the right way, both now and over your lifetime.

          We’ve been specifically trained as a Personal Family Lawyer® to plan for your life and death, and to ensure that if you have minor children, they are highly unlikely to ever be raised by anyone you wouldn’t want or taken into the care of strangers. And if you're children are adults, we will help you weave them into your estate plan with care and forethought.

          We focus on Legacy Planning because it's about a lot more than money.  We believe that planning is about much more than just the transfer of your financial wealth. With all of our plans, we include a process to help you transfer your most important personal wealth to your loved ones, including your intellectual, spiritual and human assets - who you are and what’s important to you.


Don’t let a set of legal documents become false security that keeps you from doing what’s best for your loved ones.


You need to ensure that the estate plan you put in place will really work when your family needs it and won’t end up just a pile of worthless paper after you are gone.

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